I have had a total server crash.

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I have had a total server crash. Everything is not correctly working and the full windows system is damaged (empty popups, strange errors, no desktop icons etc.). BUT fortunately my Exchange-Folder seems to be untouched and completely well. So at first I started to copy my Mailbox-Folder (which includes the edb file). Is there anything else I should recover?

Now I want to reinstall everything which will result in a completely new domain with a new Exchange setup. The domain name will remain the same, but the Domain Controller and Exchange Server will be completely new. Is there a way, to reimport my edb-file into the new Exchange server after the Installation or will it crash because the new server cannot handle the old mailbox database? In fact, there is only one Mailbox I want to reimport (my own one) as I am a Student^^

So I just want to reinstall everything and import my mails again. What should I do or backup else before I format the HDD?
Do you have a fully cached copy of your own mailbox? If so, since that is the only thing you want to recover, you can open outlook - it'll drop to offline - then export to a pst. Set up the new server and import. This would be the easiest way to recover it.
Exchange version/SP/Rollup updates?

Domain Really doesn't matter here to mount a database!

If you have EDB File you can mount it only *IF* the below is true:

Exchange Organization & Administrative Group Name should be same. In case if your Exchange Organization/Administrative Group doesn't match between your Old Environment and New, The database will fail to mount with Error 1088.

If your old Exchange Server is not a Domain Controller then you may go with Disaster Recovery Process.


As you are building the environment from scratch you may follow the below:

From the command prompt run the command:

Find /i "/o=" "Your datbase path\Your Database Name.edb"


From the output above what we get is: /o=DATAMATICS LTD which is my Exchange organization Name and /OU=First Administrative Group which is my administrative group.

So, you would need to install Exchange with OrganizationName Specified as Datamatics. If your Exchange version is 2007/2010 then you don't need to really worry about Administrative Group. In case if your Exchange version is Exchange 2003 and if you know for sure that the name of the Administrative group is "First Administrative Group" (by default this will be the name) the you can mount the old edb file on the new server and you can reconnect your disconnected mailbox after you create an AD Account.

Also , Make sure to copy the logs as you will need them in case if your database is in dirty shutdown state.

If your Outlook is in Cached Mode, then you don't need to worry about the Data in the EDB as you will have data cached on your Client. You can export the PST & Import PST after you provision a new mailbox for yourself. but, you may have an issue when users reply to your old emails

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