Task form created in outlook 2007

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I have an old custom task form application. It was developed in Outlook 2007.
We are now on Outlook 2013.
Issue 1: I have a lot of UDP fields

If I can get them to delete all of tasks, Can I assume that I could then delete any UDP fields not used so that
all new tasks will just the the ones left or new ones created?

If not:
do you have VBA code to run and "clean" up the old tasks.

Issue 2:

I have vbscript that does validation, brings up calendar, populates other fields based on a modification to a field. If i create a new task, this code runs. If I open a new task that I created and save, and then reopen it the script does not run.. It did in outlook 2007 when I created it.

thanks again for your help

Diane Poremsky

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1. You want to delete the actual tasks that are in the folder or change the custom form/delete the old fields? Deleted the tasks is easy - i probably have some code around here somewhere. Deleting the custom fields via VBA is more difficult (I think). I don't have code samples that do that.

Yes, you'll be able to delete the fields from the folder once all tasks using the form an/or fields are deleted.

2. Where is the script stored? Is it a new item script?


I will each person delete the tasks in thier task folder, so there should not be anything there.
Then I would like to make changes to the form and publish and have them install it
I will test it on my machine first. I should have thought of that.
I just dont want to create one off tasks.

The script is there when I presss view code. It is not a module. I went back to an earlier task and all worked. So I deleted all the tasks I had created. It now works with new tasks and old tasks. I dont know what I did
but thanks for your help.
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