Outlook calendar...How to add an event or appointment without a border around it?

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I'm using Outlook 2013 and was wondering how do you add an event/apppointment without having the border around it when you view the calendar? I work for a school district and one of the principals is wanting to send out their yearly calendar without the borders around every item in the calendar. Below is an example of how they want it to look. For example, on the 13th the Professional Day has borders but the specific times of the events do not. Or on the 19th there's just times posted without border or an event name above them. I think it's something with how the calendar events are entered but I haven't had any luck Googling it so far.

We run Office 2013 64 bit so I tried using the Calendar Printing assistant but can't get it to work. I also tried an Outlook Calendar template that I found and opened in Word but it's not displaying exactly the same way.


Jeremy hi. I have no idea how you got some appointments to HAVE a border! None the appointments or events in my calendar do - see example attached (where I have just created two new 3-day fixtures as tests). Are borders desirable? Am I missing something?


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Maybe we have different definitions of "borders." Looking at the image you posted I'm seeing a box around the 11:00 appointment on the 4th and the 13:00 appointment on the 12th. What this person is wanting is that when they print off their calendar or convert it to a pdf for that box to be gone.
Are you meaning that black (or white) strip to the left of each appt? Maybe my eyesight is not what it was but that's the only border I can see... (I too would like to banish that but have been told it's not possible.)

Can you see a border on the two pale blue, 3-day appts?
What I'd like to have is the pale blue on those 3-day appts to be gone completely. So there wouldn't be any fill color nor a box surrounding the appointment.

In the image I first posted, on the 26th for example, it looks like this

6:30-7:30pm Volleyball...

That's how I'd like the calendar to print out/display.
This is how the schools calendar looks right now. With orange borders around hourly events, which he doesn't like.


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I'm seeing all boxes in Outlook 2016, same as in your "currently" version. Definitely ugly and busy. The first image is how it was when i last printed. (Yeah, I don't print many calendars.)

It looks like Outlook 2010 gives you the format you want - save for the boxes on all day events, which you can't avoid.
I was wondering if that might be the case. We are currently running Office 2013 but there are still several machines in our environment that are still running Office 2010. It sounds like in the updated versions of Outlook the format changed which explains why this person is asking why it used to work and now it doesn't anymore.
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