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Hi All,

I am running a small office and our Outlook (as well as other clients such as Foxmail and Thunderbird) is downloading emails with a few kb/s and sometimes just stalls. They are almost all POP3 accounts. It seems like it's a combination failure between our office internet en email clients (see it as the coke/mentos combo, great apart but mayhem together), because:

- All POP3 account
- Using all default ports
- The internet speed is fine, downloading files and browsing the internet has no issues
- If I take the laptop home Outlook is downloading with roughly 1mb/s
- Connecting to the server is no problem (the website loads rapid and outlook does connect to the server fast at home)
- There are no limitations/restrictions with the router/modem. I had a tech guy come over to remove all restrictions if there were any (as this was my first thought of the problem)
- I'm based in Shanghai, China
- Downloading speed somewhat improves when people start leaving the office
- we have 15 email clients downloading emails (11 outlook, 4 mac mail)
- 1 server that downloads all 15 email accounts for backup
- It's no firewall/antivirus related problem, since it works at home without changing settings
- 10mb/s China Telecom internet connection

Any help is much appreciated! More than happy to provide more information if needed.
This problem has been given me headaches!

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