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I am using Outlook 2007, and experiencing a problem with the Message field on a custom form. Although the form looks fine when opened by others at the same screen resolution as mine (1280 x 1024), if a user has set a low screen resolution (such as 800 x 600), then the the message field shrinks to a line or even to a point where no data entry is possible.
All other fields on the form remain OK and do not resize (I have not set the 'resize with form' option in any of the fields). It appears that the Message field is resizing although this option is not selected. I also note that the field appears to be unusual in that its advanced properties are much reduced compared to other fields on the form, such as there being no option to set Autosize to false.
The only work around I have found is to design the form at the lowest resolution, and then tick the 'resize with form' option. In doing this the message box is a reasonable size for those using low screen resolutions, but grows disproportionately as the screen resolution increases, so its not an ideal fix for all users.
Do you have any suggestions as to either stop the Message field from resizing as screen resolutions change (the best option), or to put a maximum height restriction on the field so that with my fix it does not become unwieldy at higher resolutions .
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