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Running Exchange 2013 on premises.

When using Outlook 2010, if you have all/some of your archive folders expanded, when Outlook is restarted, the view is kept.

When using Outlook 2013, archive folders are closed. When you have a huuuuuuuuuge folder structure, it's really annoying.

Can this be set back in 2013? Anyone else interested in?



Diane Poremsky

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Michael Bauer has a macro that will expand everything.
Expand All Folders - VBOffice

I hadn't noticed that it doesn't expand folders (because i don't use a ton of nested folders and use the favorites list) - i would expect it to work like 2010 though. Are you using online or cached mode?


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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Personnally I use online mode but most of our employees use cached mode.

I already saw this macro, but this will not totally suit our needs, because we want the folders to be expanded in their last state when closing Outlook... Not to have all of them opened ! You would never believe folders structures I have seen in some mailboxes/archive mailboxes :)

In fact, we just want the Outlook 2010 behaviour to be kept...

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