Appointments Created in iCloud Calendars Cover Contacts Field...Why?

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I'm having a difficult time with appointments created using the standard appointment form. I have no trouble viewing the contacts field in the newly created appointment if I create the appointment in the PST file on my computer. I however cannot see the contacts field if I create the appointments using the same standard appointment form in a calendar in my iCloud account. I believe this is because I have multiple calendars in the iCloud account and Outlook shows the folder in which this particular appointment item is created at the bottom of the appointment form and over where the contacts field would be shown.

If I create the appointment using the default form in the PST file calendar and save it to that calendar, and then drag it over into the iCloud calendar. The result is exactly what I want: an appointment in which contacts have been attached and saved in the field at the bottom. So it's a work around that allows me to create appointments with contacts attached to them and drag them into the iCloud calendar; but it's not a very elegant solution. Do I have to re-create the entire form to be able to do what I want?
i don't think you can create a custom form and assign it to the icloud folder - it might be a limitation of the icloud. Do you have the option (or reg key) set to show the contacts field?
See Show Contact Linking fields in Outlook
I do have it set as show in the link you reference above to link Contacts. It seems the standard form is everything I need except I want to change either the location of the Contacts field or the location of the In Folder field that appears over it when a new form is created in an iCloud calendar.
See the attached screen shot. If this is the best iCloud and Outlook can do together it's sadly lacking as it's a pretty clear design flaw. But maybe you are right that it can't be done.


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