Pulling out my hair (O365/2016)

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
Email Account
I will try and be concise
W7 Pro
Office 365 / Outlook 2016 - fully updated. Using only Pop3 accounts. 2 accounts - 1 biz and 1 personal, both @cox.net. Main PST 1.5 Gb or so. Archive 4 Gb or so. MANY rules due to the massive amount of spam she gets.
Additional settings are 'delete from server when deleted from O.'

This is my wife's PC.

For years she has had random problems w/O. Sometimes she can't delete emails etc.... repairing the PST file would always fix the problems.
Eventually I wiped her drive and reinstalled O. Everything worked for a short amount of time and then she started having more problems (duplicate emails and a bizarre problem where the last letter of every line in the subject and 'from' fields were cut off). The main problem is that she started receiving 10 of each email. So....

A couple days ago I disabled send/rec for her emails accounts and created new PST files for the 2 pop email addresses. O d/l'd 2000 or so emails as expected because she does not manage her deleted/retail/spam folders.
I deleted unnecessary emails but O is still downloading emails from 2 or 3 days ago. Every time i hit S/R I get a few more emails AND it's d/ling duplicate emails. One other strange thing. I deleted all rules but added 2.
All they do is take everything send account 1 to a folder named account 1 and the same for account 2.
Outlook is not using the rules. They just sit in the main 'inbox.'

I am very frustrated and am not sure what to do. We have 10 @cox email addresses and none of the other accounts, which are on other PCs, exhibit any of this behavior.
Are you leaving mail on the server in the pop accounts?

Since it's 2016, the duplicates could be due to a bug - you should revert to the last known good build for a few weeks. See Outlook 2016: POP3 Problems for details and instructions. Even if you aren't leaving mail on the server, i would revert since you are using pop3.
I am using pop. It's just my wife's PC though. Mine is fine and I have 4 accounts. I'll check the link.
Thanks...I switched to imap. Seems to be working ok.
If the problem was the build, they have released an update build that fixes it - build 16.0.6568.2036. To get the update manually, go to File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now.
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