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My office recently changed our email addresses from to @____ (a vanity address). We are still with Suddenlink and we do not have Exchange. Prior to making the switch, I was able to view all of the folders I created in my Outlook on my iPhone 6, and file any emails on my iPhone into those folders. Everything synced perfectly. When we made the switch, I moved all of the folders from the one email address to the other simply by taking my mouse and moving it to the new email address in Outlook on my desktop. When I set up my new email address, I made sure to set it up as an IMAP account in both Outlook and on my iPhone (the same way it was set up before). Now, I only have basic folders like Inbox, Sent Message, Trash on my iPhone. I am able to receive and read emails on my iPhone and when I do, it will show them as read on my desktop and vice versa. But no folders. The folders are not nested under the "Inbox" and I do not have the two updates that I've read might cause interference. When I right-click on a folder and click "IMAP Folders," then click "Query," only the basic folders show up for me to "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" to, not all of my folders contained in my Outlook. Any help on how to resolve this issue would be MUCH appreciated!
It sounds like the folders didn't sync up to the server. Are there any messages in the sync issues folder?
Did you put the folders at the same level as the inbox or as subfolders of the inbox? Some imap servers only support subfolders of the inbox.

Log into your new mailbox using web access and create a folder in it. Where is it synced to in outlook? That is where your server wants the folders. (May need to check imap folders > query and verify it's subscribed).
I've never had to access the webmail before now, and I also previously had the folders on the same level as the Inbox. But, when I went in to create the folder, it nested it under "My Folders." I created a folder, then went to iPhone and it was there. I moved an email into the folder via my iPhone. I subscribed to the new folder Outlook, but now it doesn't show up. And I cannot find the email in Outlook. It's visible on my iPhone and through Webmail, but that's it. There is nothing in the sync issues folder, either.
Who is the mail host? I'll see if i can find out which IMAP server they use.
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