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I too have the wretched Winmail.dat problem and I have tried all the helpful suggestions included the registry edit without success.

I am using Office 365 personal, which gives you Outlook 2016. I have the free email which has been upgraded to MS Exchange.

I think I may have to use PowerShell to disable TNEF but here is the problem. My account is on MS Exchange but I am not the authorised user so I cannot get past entering my credentials.

Has anyone managed to fix the Winmail.dat problem with over MS Exchange?

Many thanks

Thanks for quick reply.
Yes, indeed. I did clear auto complete. I have also set up the contact again set the properties to plain text without success, and no success with properties set to HTML either
I think the problem may be
If I add my Gmail account to Outlook 2016 and send out messages from Outlook 2016, but over the Gmail account then all goes well and there is no Winmail.dat
Correct, I've seen a few reports of problems and I'm looking into it. should only be sending winmail.dat files if the contact is 1) set to get RTF and/or 2) the message uses RTF. The Autocomplete cache holds the RTF setting so if you previously sent something that needed RTF (including assigned a task, voting message) to an address, they will always get RTF until you clear the cache.
Thank you so much.
I will probably shuffle along with Outlook / Gmail until the issue is clarified. I did think of switching to eM Client but Outlook is so nice to use it will be easier to find a way round temporarily
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