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Wishlist Native solution to detach attachments but keep a link to them

Discussion in 'Outlook Wishlist' started by ofw62, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. ofw62


    Senior Member
    AFAIK only 3rd party tools can:

    - detach attachments
    - save them into a user defined folder
    - keep a link to those attachments in the mailheader (under attachments) so that the attachments can be re-instated if needed

    My wish is that there would be a native solution for this.

    I believe this is not (yet) available within Outlook.

  2. ofw62


    Senior Member

    I have discovered there is a macro that can be of great help(?) - details can be found on
    Save and Rename Outlook Email Attachments

    I have quite a number of attachments that are identically named from several people in emails sent on several days.

    Is there a way to change the macro to the effect that the attachment reads:

    without.. removing the file from the email.


    p.s. should I post the above in another forum section?

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