Spell Checker Changes -- Not as Predictive as Previously

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I have an Office 365 subscription with the "always update" settings and using Outlook 2016.

Several weeks ago, it seemed to install a major update--at least I got a pop-up asking if I wanted to learn what was new. Since that update, the Spell Checker does not seem to work the same. I am a horrible speller (engineer) and I type fast with errors and then right click all my red squiggles to correct.

With this last update, there are two things I notice. First, the box with suggestions comes up much slower--I would call it laggy. I notice there are now definitions included for the suggested replacement. Second, the replacement suggestions are not as "smart." I don't have data, but I would find the word I wanted 99% of the time in the suggestions--now that percentage is down to mabye 75%. I do not think my typing has gotten worse--maybe, but I doubt it.

Anyone else notice these changes?
This is the new spellcheck dialog. I've been using it for so long that I don't recall it being slower than the old dialog (and there was at least one dialog between the old and new), but because it does more it probably is slower.

I have noticed that it seems to be dumber and doesn't offer the right suggestions. It used to do pretty good at guessing when the first letter was wrong - lately it only offers words that begin with that letter.

Thank you Diane. Relief to find out that the new speller checker is dumber and it is not I!

I totally concur, the suggestions are no where close to what my intended word is--the old version was much "smarter."

I guess the work around is to become a better speller--but that can not happen--would ruin my repustation!
Lol. Yeah, being a better speller is not an option these days. When office can’t decipher what I mean, I type it into google. I usually have a better luck there. :)
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