street address fields contain 0A0D

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
A 'play' with some third party software left me with a corrupt (unbacked-up :() contacts list. Several exports/imports via CSV to/from Excel got me back to what looked to be an okay position... BUT... Now, I have found that some of the street address fields have 0A0D embedded within them and I could do with a way of removing them without exporting/editing/reimporting through Excel.

It has become an issue as I need to export some of the contacts to MailChimp for a mailing campaign.

Assuming your text is now on a single line, after you make a backup you can try replacing the 0A0D in the text.

Private Sub ContactFolderItems_replace_0A0D()

Dim cFolder As folder
Dim cItem As Object
Dim i As Long

' 0A = Line feed
' 0D = Carriage return

Set cFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)

For i = 1 To cFolder.Items.count
    Set cItem = cFolder.Items(i)
    If cItem.Class = olContact Then
        ' there are other Address related properties - BusinessAddress
        If InStr(cItem.HomeAddress, "0A0D") Then
            'Debug.Print cItem.HomeAddress
            ' Two lines
            cItem.HomeAddress = Replace(cItem.HomeAddress, "0A0D", vbLf & vbCr)
            ' or one line
            ' cItem.HomeAddress = Replace(cItem.HomeAddress, "0A0D", vbLf)
            ' or one line
            ' cItem.HomeAddress = Replace(cItem.HomeAddress, "0A0D", vbCr)
            'Debug.Print cItem.HomeAddress
            ' Save manually after confirming 0A0D is not a legitimate part of the address
            Exit For    ' Remove once solution is confirmed
            ' or autosave, instead of Display, once solution is confirmed
            ' cItem.Save
        End If
    End If


End Sub
Thanks Niton. Much appreciated. :)
Not open for further replies.
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