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In 2016, the Folder Pane (earlier called Navigation pane) line spacing is really far apart, much greater than my previous 2010, and greater than the listing of emails to its right. (I hope I'm calling this the right thing- folder vs navigation pane). For someone who has MANY accounts and folders, spreading it out is a royal pain (pun intended)! I'm aware of the Touch option, and it is off. Anyone know of a way to compress this to get more items in the pane? I found someone who claimed you could mess with Windows settings, but I'm sure that would affect other applications.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Can you post a screenshot?

I didn't think it was that much different than older versions - unless touch was enabled. Windows settings won't change it much - and would affect all programs, but if you didn't change the default settings, they should be fine. In Win7/8, you can change the font size of the folders, but this is not possible or is very difficult to do in win10.

This is my folder list in 2016 with the default/recommended windows display settings.
on second thought... in a side by side comparison, there is a bit of a difference - about 1/4 more space per folder. Unfortunately, you cant change it.

I hadn't done the math, but that's about right. It might not seem like much, but it has made a big difference. Guess I'll have to live with it, although it seems like an unnecessary change.
Thanks for looking into it.
Not to jack this thread, I believe my question be almost on course as nrpardee's question. EXCEPT mine is not in the Navigation Pane/Favorites area to the left, but in the area which I will call the "middle" only if you have the Reading Pane to the right. BTW, this is Outlook 2010 I am addressing. I have tried everything and still can not reduce the incoming mail lines to a smaller size (in my friend's wife's computer) And in mine I would like to make them a little larger. Getting to darn old and seeing is more difficult.And if I am jacking this thread, just tell me and I will start a new one ;)
It's in the same general vicinity, although different, and Outlook handles it very differently. But good news- You actually have options, using views. I admit that I'm a bit of a novice at views, so while I can mostly make them do what I want, I struggle. I suggest you lookup Outlook views, and hopefully someone else will be able to answer a bit better. And if not, I'll give it a try.
in the area which I will call the "middle" only if you have the Reading Pane to the right
That is the message list.

I have tried everything and still can not reduce the incoming mail lines to a smaller size (in my friend's wife's computer) And in mine I would like to make them a little larger.
Custom view - you cant reduce white space/ padding around the text, but can reduce the text size and if you are showing 3 line preview for unread messages, you can turn that off in View settings.
Well, in the most recent update, MS doubled down and increased the white space in the Message list pane. So now I have an outlook screen that has lots of "beautiful" white space and much less information.
I didn't notice a change there - but the compose message headers are huge now.
If you disable "coming soon", the behavior for the message list reverts to the narrower line spacing. I presume when MS actually rolls out the new version, then we'll be stuck with the "lots of white space."
I disabled the "Coming soon" option and my spacing returned to normal...go figure..
The 'Coming soon' thing also adds a thin, blue, vertical bar on the left to each message (in this list view).
Hope it can be disabled though... as, personally, I don't need it. Without versus with blue 'bar' comparison.

SnagIt-22122018 053619.png
Are you using the compact view or the old-style single line view?

The blue bar is the read/unread indicator- the compact view has had it "forever". If you have Help > Contact support, use it to "report" the blue bar. (I don't think they will change it though.)

This is the differences in the compact view with 1 line preview - the view is big in both regular and coming soon. <g>

Yes, you are right, I am using compact view, with both 'Message Preview' and 'Reading Pane' = Off.
Unread mail is displayed in bold blue - perfectly fine with me.
Indeed when reducing the width of the Outlook window, the blue bar shows up, once column headers are wrapping.

SnagIt-22122018 081645.png
From the latest newsletter regarding the Message list with Coming Soon (which, btw, by next month will supposedly be mandatory):

"Tighter spacing option in the Message list. This option is available in the Insider build now and makes the message list a little more compact, allowing users to see more messages on the screen. On my computer, I can see 11 messages with the default spacing and 13 with the tighter spacing enabled, so its not a big difference, but I think it makes the message list look better."

Could you see more than 13 without Coming Soon? I haven't been able to test the feature since late October, when it inexplicably vanished from my Insider.
It gets rid of the extra whitespace around the messages when coming soon is enabled. Comparing the tighter spacing with Coming soon off, its about the same. I dont have the same accounts set up in both test systems - it would probably be better if the mailbox were identical.


Thanks. So, it looks like when comparing the far left and right that we're down about 1, which isn't too bad. You'd think that they'd make them exactly equal though, since why not.
Or... they would not have added the extra white space to begin witho, only to release an 'tighter format' that is exactly the same size as the original format... :)
In the updates to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 over the last year or so, has there been any feature added that would allow the Outlook 2019 Folder Pane to have less white space between the folder names? Perhaps a third-party solution? It's still annoying to spend so much of my day scrolling through Outlook to get to the majority of the folders.
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