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I have a client using Win10, Outlook2016 with a POP account. Its an i7 system wth SSD and 16GB RAM, typically only running outlook, word and excel. Office has all updates installed.

When creating a new email with multiple recipients, the user clicks on "TO" and begins typing in the search field for an address. If he (I) type letters to do the lookup (and NOT press enter to select the found address), it looks up the name fine. Pausing, even briefly, then pressing enter inserts the address into the "to" field.

However... if I (he) does the same thing, and RAPID FIRE presses "enter" immediately after a character or characters, outlook inserts the FIRST ITEM in the address book list. Anybody else would accept this and modify his behavior. However, this user is a genetic mix between Bill Gates, Howard Hughes, and Dennis Rodman - on cocaine, two pots of coffee and a liter of Coca Cola.... and won't change.

Diane, at one point a couple of weeks ago I saw an entry from you in ~June that acknowledged this problem (I believe), said it was a bug, and a fix was eminent. Any thoughts/ suggestions? I've tried fixpst, exporting/ deleting contacts, compacting the .pst and reimporting, etc. all to no avail

i don't recall a bug that behavior - there was a bug that selecting an address from the address book did not insert it on the to field that i am aware of. (I dont know the status of this bug).

Is the first address in the address book a match for the letters he types?
Is the first address in the address book a match for the letters he types?

No, it literally selects the very first item in the address book if Enter is pressed rapidly. Whether the search is a single character or multiple, a fairly slight delay seems to allow the lookup to continue properly and the Enter inserts the found/correct address.

I've repaired and reinstalled Office and made sure there aren't excessive (only one) Outlook addins. Other things to look at, even if a wild idea?
Does it do this in other versions? If its a new bug, it could be related to the other address book bug.
Other versions of Office? Frankly haven't tried - you mean importing the .pst into Office 2013/ 2010?
No, repro the steps in older versions so we know if its a new problem.
Frankly, I haven't been able to narrow it down to much of anything. I've imported his .pst to other systems... some have the same issue, some don't... and unfortunately at the time I was in "try everything, throw everything at it" mode that I didn't make notes. I've tried creating another Outlook profile (no dice, problem there both before and after).... and I haven't imported his .pst to another version of outlook, both due to inaccessiblity of a machine with prior version(s) and the thought that the format of .pst has changed in 2016 vs prior (?did it?)
I haven't been able to repro it - i don't know if I'm not fast enough or not doing it quite the same way - and repro'ing is the first step to understanding it and getting it fixed.
reproducing it... exactly - and it's been like getting a firm hold on jello (except on that user's PC, which is regularly in use from 6AM to 9PM, 7 days/week, so tough to get any one-on-one time with it other than a late night remote.

I think it has something to do with his .pst and/or the address book contents thereof [hard time believing that it's a hardware (Keyboard, PC) or OS issue...]
Don't know if it helps you at all, but I tried several times and cannot reproduce this behavior either.
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