Conditional Formatting based on Department of person received from?

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Hi There. I work for multiple schools in a single public school district. I color-code my email inbox by which school the email was received from. (Rather by which school the email sender is at.) Currently what I do is make a Conditional Formatting rule that looks for "Messages From: Doe, John; Smith, Frank; etc" I manually put all of the people in there. I've streamlined this process so that it doesn't take too long. Unfortunately, staff often get added or removed from the different buildings, which means I have to rebuild my rules every couple of months. Also, my high school has so many staff, that I have to make 2 different rules to cover all the names. I've confirmed that the staff peoples' school building is ALWAYS listed under the "Department" properties of their Outlook Contact info. It's also listed under "Company." It would be sooo much easier if I could do something like, "Message From: Department=<Central High School>" Or something like that. It doesn't seem like this is possible 'out of the box' though.... Any ideas how I might make this work? I have Outlook 2016 which syncs up with 365. MS Exchange Server, I believe. Windows 10. -steve
Nothing in the address identifies the school? if they use format for addresses or the display names use Name (building) format, you could use either of them.

I have a macro that will categorize mail based on the contact's category. Then use the category to set the conditional formatting. It works on contacts - i think it would be too slow to get building info from the global address list. (assuming the building info is in the GAL).
Assign Categories to Messages using Contact Category
Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately the part of the email after "@" is identical for everyone.
I'll check out this VBA code. I'm not a computer programmer. I made a macro-enabled Word doc years ago. Outlook can't be too different.
Outlook can't be too different.
It doesn't have a vba editor and its a little more difficult because there are different forms. But once you have a macro, its easy enough to edit.
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