Trying to populate an appointment ComboBox from Excel

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Hello All.

Newbie here so forgive me if this is elementary. I've done fairly well self-teaching in Outlook 2013. Here's my goal:

I have created custom pages on my outlook appointment where I can track the purpose of the appointment, client, type of meeting, etc. It's all the minute details I need to pull onto a weekly timesheet report for my job. Creating the form has been successful and I am able to pull the data out via Crystal Report easily. See screenshot #1 for an idea of how I have built my form.

One of the details is the client name. I need to summarize my tasks by client and by region. So I created another page to list all the clients. Because we have a constantly growing list of clients, I broke the page into tabs, one for each state. In each tab, I created a combobox in which I manually entered the values, each separated by a comma. All the comboboxes across all tabs map back to the same user-defined field "clientname".

My challenge is that each time we add a new client, I have to open up the combobox of the appropriate state tab, edit the values list manually, and be careful to sort them alphabetically so I can easily find each entry. It's becoming unweildly.

So, ideally, I'd like to have an excel workbook in which I have one sheet for each state, and in each sheet I list the clients. That is easy to update and easy to sort. Then I'd like two comboboxes on my Outlook form, one in which I select a state (and that can easily be from a static list entered into the Values property, since there is a finite quantity)... and then based up on the state selected in ComboBox1 I'd like ComboBox2 to refer to the appropriate sheet in that excel workbook and populate the combobox from the list of customers in column 1.

I have done this many times in Access and Excel.. but for some reason the coding to make it work in Outlook is eluding me.. both the code in the form and the connection to the spreadsheet.

Does anyone have any examples or suggestions?

Thanks in advance




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Thanks Diane, I saw your post a while ago as I was researching. Yours is handy, but a too simplistic for my ultimate goal of being able to pull from a spreadsheet. Maintaining a txt file will still be a lot of manual work. In a spreadsheet, I can set macros to automatically sort, plus if I pull column 1 from each sheet as I described above, I can use the other columns for other data on those clients... thereby having all my data in one workbook.
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