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Hi All and thanks so much for any help.

I am using Outlook on the desktop. It is provided by my employer. When I review version information, it says Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 MSO (16.0.10730.20264) 32-bit.

This Monday Outlook started having trouble with window sizing: when I open a mail message, it may - and usually does - open the message window in a window that *thinks* it is maximized but is not. I attached a screen shot that I am hoping helps explain. Two windows are shown. In the background is the main Outlook window. Foreground is a new mail message. Note how the new message (foreground window) is not maximized (because you can see the Outlook window behind it) BUT it has a Restore button and not a Maximize button. Furthermore, you'll see that the bottom of the not-really-maximized window is "cut off" - you can't see the frame that surrounds a maximized window like normal. It's not a situation where the window is bleeding onto my other monitor, and it doesn't matter which monitor I have Outlook on, nor does anything change if I go to a single monitor.

For all intents and purposes, this looks like a "floating", non-maximized window but Outlook thinks it's maximized. Clicking the Restore button shrinks the window slightly, and then if I click the maximize button, it goes back to the original (non-maximized) size and shows a restore button.

Even worse, there have been a few instances where I open a mail message and it does this, then I click to reply or forward the mail and the reply/forward window appears below the other message - so now I have this "stack" of windows, each slightly below the prior, each cut off the screen, each thinking it's maximized.

If I pick up the window and move it pretty much anywhere, I can then maximize it just fine, but the next e-mail window will go right back to this weird false-maximized size. Sometimes several windows in a row will open maximized properly, and then several after that will do this. I don't know what the issue is - I've tried turning off some add-ons, seeing if it had anything to do with a folder or particular message but it seems almost random. It's driving me crazy.

Thanks again for any help,


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Hi Everybody,

I'm seeing a lot of "reads" on this but so far no responses. I'm hoping I was just too wordy so here's the tl;dr version:

When I open some Outlook e-mails, the window is not maximized and cannot be maximized because there is only a Restore button, not a Maximize button. To actually maximize, I have to move the entire window and drop it -at that point a Maximize buttons appears. Happens only with Outlook mail messages (not appts, tasks) and only on the majority of mail messages, not all. Screen shot in my original message showing what it looks like.



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A little new information. On a hunch, I moved my Win taskbar from the top to the bottom of my secondary screen. This fixed the problem for several days, but this morning it's doing it again.

Diane Poremsky

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Sorry I missed this earlier. I see all kinds of weirdness with the taskbar on top but i'm not moving it. :) On my laptop, the items open about 1/3 from the top (not just 1 title bar lower). On my desktop half the time the title bar is under the taskbar (highly annoying with the reminder window).

Last week the VBA editor was opening postage stamp sized.
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