Invisible e-mails in Gmail accounts

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Outlook 2019 64-bit
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Recently I changed my Gmail accounts in Outlook to POP3 from IMAP for a number of reasons, including that I want to be able to access them from multiple devices. One of the accounts works fine but in the other two, while Outlook tells me I have unread messages in my inbox, I can't see them. I can use the search function--in the Inbox folder only--to see older messages, but they have to be at least a day old for the function to work. Sent messages end up in the Inbox, too, not in Sent Mail, and are also invisible.

All of the port and security settings are identical between the three accounts.

This has just started happening, since I removed the last of the old IMAP accounts. The data files these accounts use are all on a cloud drive, but as I noted, one of them works fine with this set-up.

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