Can't create Outlook data file


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Adding my gmail account to my Outlook, works OK with POP but gives me an error message using IMAP, can't create Outlook data file, with the usual menu of suggestions. I suspect that the problem is that, per one of the suggestions, there is already a file there. I looked and found a file named Outlook, in \AppData\Local\Microsoft, and it has some of my email information and various other junk. I tried removing the file to see if that would make any difference, but the demon said go pound sand, I ain't doing that for you, I don't talk with buckra. And looking online it seems that lots of people have that problem. Posting this because I noticed your interesting recommendation at
Outlook 2016 "we couldn't create outlook data file" - can't re-add a mailbox and looked at your web site and I can see you know a lot more about Outlook than I do. And _Marcin_YK said they solved the problem by uninstalling and re-installing Office, and although they attributed that success to having thereby escaped from a disastrous update (not a bad theory) I think another possibility is that the new, clean version of Office had not yet created the \Outlook data file, so there was no barrier to using that file name. If that is correct, MS could avoid the problem by adding a feature like what we see in, e.g., some scanner software, using a file name and adding something (such as 0001 and 0002 etc) to enable keeping a basic name and using it for more than one entry. It would be interesting to find out if _Marcin_YK ran into any related problems later, when whatever other function tried to create the same file and found the name had already been used - if that is what would happen - but that thread is closed. I can't be certain that the \Outlook file was there yesterday as I did not start looking for it until I had been working with the software for a while. Unfortunately, if my theory is correct it probably means that only MS can fix the problem - unless perhaps we could take up a collection and pool our nickels and dimes and hire a hit person, like in Unforgiven, who would hack into MS Office and add the feature we need. :)