Outlook 365 - Folder pane list clears

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Diane Poremsky

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For some reason, my brain was thinking the file needed rebuilt, not that it was a screen draw error. Sorry. :( 50 lashes with a wet noodle for me.

I'm assuming opening a second outlook window would redraw it too? (right click > open new window)

Have you tried enabling "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" in file > options > advanced. (near the bottom)


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The signs are good - so far no recurrence of the issue. If you don't hear from me again on the matter, assume it is fixed. Many thanks


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We use Symantec Endpoint Protection. No backup application that I'm aware of. I boot my computer first thing in the morning and shutdown at the end of the work day. So, Outlook is cycled regularly.

For me, the problem happens randomly. Sometimes I'll go a couple days without it happening. Then I'll have a day where it will occur at least 5-10 times. I can "resolve" the issue by slowly dragging my mouse down the blank list and each folder will appear when the cursor gets there. Or, sometimes switching to another view (e.g. calendar) and back will cause the whole list to pop back.

This would suggest it's not linked to anti-virus, because I would expect it to happen on a regular basis if that were the case. And, since I don't have backup software running (we use one drive), that's would appear to be out as well.

I should try your method. Thanks


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Have you tried enabling "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" in file > options > advanced. (near the bottom)
I also had the folder draw problem. It began soon after I switched from Office 2016 to Office 365 in late October 2019. Installing the latest graphics driver did not help. A couple of weeks ago, I searched the web and found your advice, which worked perfectly.

As an experiment, I alternated several times between having hardware graphics acceleration turned on and off," and found that the redraw problem always returned with it on.

Thank you for your excellent advice.
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