Can one still buy Outlook (or Office) 2016?

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I made the foolish mistake, some time ago, to download and install Office 365 from the school district where I work -- this was offered to staff and students for free. At that time, we had Office 2016 available as part of that download. I have since allowed Microsoft to update me, and I'm on Office 365 versions of their software.

Now, I really miss Outlook (and Office, for that matter) 2016. Is it still possible to buy legal, standalone copies of this, anywhere?

Diane Poremsky

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Sorry I missed this earlier - i had it open ready to reply and my computer crashed. :(

Do not buy software from low cost sites - they sell volume licenses illegally and microsoft will shut it down, rendering your key useless.

Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2019 are all basically the same - Office 2016 is basically the original RTM version, Office 2019 is what used to be SP1, and Office 365 is the monthly updates moving towards SP2.

If you can find legal copies, yes. Finding them is more difficult, especially since the standalone versions were hard to find before.

>> At that time, we had Office 2016 available as part of that download.
Was this as HUP purchase or was it just the early versions of Office 365?

What don't you like about Office 365?


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Sorry - don't know what a "HUP" purchase means ...!

I knew someone would ask what I don't like about 365. I have not kept track of the things I think I've lost with it, but I will try to make note of them and update this, at some point.

It "feels" (yes, I know how stupid that sounds) less stable, to me. It "feels" like it has a lot more features I don't need, and that I've lost or it's harder to get to features that I use frequently. I'm heavily keyboard-dependent - I don't like mousing, and I still use some of the old Alt-key keyboard shortcuts every single time I use the apps.

I don't want to have to pay for Powerpoint and Onenote and Access and whatever else they feel I need. I want Excel, Outlook, and Word. That's it.

There's more about it (mostly Excel) that I don't like, but Outlook's interface changes since 2016 have bugged me a lot, too (loss of SQL querying, for example, and lack of official documentation even on advanced search syntax).

I'm old school. I'm stubborn. I just prefer the version that I felt good with.

Diane Poremsky

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HUP = Home Use Program. Some companies have a volume license agreement that allows employees to buy a personal copy at a reduced rate.

It sounds like you want office home and business- it has the basics, including PowerPoint, but its the smallest suite available at retail. Finding a legit copy is going to be more difficult. Office standard was only available in volume license - so any offers for it are not legit. Any super low prices are not legit either...

Do not get home and student - it does not have outlook.


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Thanks, Diane. We have some kind of Education license that allows employees to USE at home without buying.

I will search for Home & Business 2016, and give in and sign up for the 365 subscription sometime before I retire, if I don't find it.

Thank you!
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