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I am using Outlook on the Web for work emails. We have confidential emails from some of our clients in a counselling setting. Sometimes we want to create a client list for those attending the same event and send one email out to them all at the same time. However, these must always be sent as BCC within the email to avoid a breach of confidentiality.

I can not see how to do that and response to a question posted about this on Microsoft forums indicates it can not be easily done. I would like to
  • Be able to create a list of clients
  • Mark that list to only be useable in the BCC field when sending emails and not allow it to be entered into either the To: or CC: fields
This would prevent any accidental sending of emails in a way that discloses the list contents to the others in the list, which is really important. I am a little surprised that this can not easily be done and would love it to be a development feature.


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Hi Pwatts2,

if you interested in custom development please contact me at info(at)

Victor Ivanidze
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