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Long before the "group by conversation" feature appeared in Outlook, I have been using folders with items created by "Post to This Folder". In my case, I create posts to remember programming problems I have solved. I use the conversation column to group my posts. This type of item allows me to "Post" to a certain conversation. My view is set to group by conversation and sort by conversation, then created date. I only view three columns: Subject, Created and Conversation. This works great as it has for a thousand years.

But in the last few versions of Outlook (not sure exactly when it started), there seems to be a bug when I search the folder. The group by and sort by don't change but it will not show the "conversation" column anymore and, therefore, it will not group by conversation like the normal view. It groups by subject instead. In fact, the subject appears again in the conversation column, so that's why it is used for grouping.

Oddly, if I open a folder containing only these posts from an old PST, that still works the way it used to, but even when I match the view settings exactly, it doesn't work in Outlook 2016 or later OST. I've waited patiently for MS to fix this bug or to find a solution on google, but nothing has changed in the most recent versions.

I illustrated the problem with snips in the attached PDF.

I've googled this to death and can't find an answer. It's driving me crazy...



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