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I have my own calendar, "calendar-outlook email account", synced through exchange, which i have used for years.

whenever outlook doesn't close properly, eg, it freezes and I have to close program on it, the next it opens it shows the "calendar-outlook" which has little of interest in it, maybe birthdays, etc, which it stole from my calendar. So then i have to go through the routine of opening my calendar, closing the outlook wrong calendar and resize the window.

how do get outlook to stop the bad behavior, forget about its calendar and default to my calendar?

I can ask a similar question about it automatically putting new contacts into the 'contacts-email address' folder (which i guess is the cloud storage?), which i don't use, instead of into the 'contacts-outlook', which I do use, and storing locally. more bad behavior.

iow: force outlook to respect my preferences?

Diane Poremsky

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The actual default - where new appointments & contacts go when you create them from the inbox - is usually the default data file. However if you have multiple accounts and there is a calendar & contacts in the data file with the inbox, events and contacts go on that calendar.

If you have an Exchange account - including - Outlook will set its data file as default. You may or may not be able to change it.

Check for the default data file in File > Account Settings > Account Settings. Look on the data files tab. The default data file does not need to be the same account as the default email account.

Based on your birthday comment, it sounds like or office 365. You can turn the birthday calendar off in Outlook online's Settings (gear icon) > View all Outlook settings > Calendar.

So then i have to go through the routine of opening my calendar, closing the outlook wrong calendar and resize the window.
Is the wrong calendar selected or is it really set as default? Outlook will usually restart with the last selected calendar - or with the default calendar.


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thanks diane.
- i have a fastmail acct, imap, for most of my mail. and a number of other accounts, including the, which POP to the outlook inbox.

- the exchange, is indeed set as the default account. this is what allows my calendar to sync between devices. the other listed accounts are fastmail and the local outlook.pst. I believe that setting fastmail or outlook.pst to default will screw up calendar syncing, correct?

- in the online calendar, view all outlook settings>calendar: birthday calendar is not checked.

- if outlook (this is a local version, 2016) is not closed properly, the My calendars>calendar-outlook shows up, checked, with the window spread across the entire screen, not as is usually sized, and the calendar unchecked. I then have to check calendar, uncheck the calendar-outlook, and resize the window. The calendar-outlook has mostly birthdays, holidays, and a few personal items; though i don't know how they got entered there. I guess that I can't say if the calendar-outlook really set as a default, or outlook automatically defaults to it when not exited an expected way.

- as for new contacts automatically getting deposited to the astro4x@fastmail folder, instead of the local outlooks-local folder, perhaps this is because of the local outlook.pst not being set as the default? if I do change the default to the pst, will this screw up the calendar syncing through exchange?
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