Never-ending Reminders in Shared Calendars

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Many thanks for the EMO story regarding "Never-ending Reminders in Shared Calendars". Finding a solution to this problem was driving me nuts.

My wife and I share Outlook calendars on each of our own computers, and even though we both have the exact same version of Outlook (build 16026.20146), she suffered this problem while I did not. It's good to know that MS acknowledges this and is working on a solution. Unable to dismiss reminders.
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Outlook 365 64 bit
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You're welcome!

Some users said they stopped sharing calendars, turned off the calendar improvements, restarted outlook and turned t back on then reshared the calendars and {knock on wood} the reminder problem did not return.
Tried your suggestion and it did seem to work...thanks!
But now SOME (maybe 10%) of my calendar events show up twice when my wife views my shared calendar. And there doesn't seem to be a way to delete the duplicates. I even stopped sharing again, deleted my shared calendar in her outlook, and then re-shared. Duplicates returned.
Guess none of this ever works perfectly.

Diane Poremsky

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Hopefully the weirdness will go away when they roll out the fixes next week.
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