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    Missing Contact?

    Hi Diane, I found missing contacts in the "Suggested Contacts" folder, so thanks for explaining that to me. I dragged the missing contacts to the "My Contacts" folder. Is that the best way to move them? Also, can you tell me the difference between "My Contacts" and "Shared Contacts?" Chris
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    Outlook editing won't select just one word

    Hi, When I choose one word to edit in an Outlook message, the entire sentence becomes highlighted. I would have more control over either selecting just the word or a few letters. I did turn off the option to automatically select the entire word. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix...
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    Missing Contact?

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding how Outlook manages contacts. I set up a contact in Outlook (or so I thought) but when I searched for it in "contacts" it did not show. Outlook suggested I search in "all contacts: and there is was. Can someone help me understand the difference...
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    Sync Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar

    Hi, What are my options to sync my Outlook calendar with a Google calendar? I am aware of Google Calendar Sync, however, i would prefer being able to filter the Google "calendars" so not all appear in Outlook. Thanks for your help.