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    wrong icon displayed for outlook custom form

    I'm running into this very issue. Where did you find the correct icons? When I go to the PATH provided earlier, the CONTACT.ICO and CONTACTL.ICO files show the older icons, not the ones that are in Outlook 2016. I've tried looking everywhere for the newer version of the contact icons but can't...
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    Custom Contact Form - applied to existing contacts

    Following up on this older post, anyone know where the newer looking individual contact icons are stored? When I try using the above location, only the older looking contact icons are available. Outlook 2016 has newer looking individual contact icons I'd like to use. Any suggestions?
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    Backup .OST - Custom Contact Forms, Defined Fields, Notes

    Can anyone here comment on this? Really hoping to setup proper backups of my Outlook to ensure no future data loss and given the expertise in these forums - was really hoping someone would chime in?
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    Backup .OST - Custom Contact Forms, Defined Fields, Notes

    I'm currently using Outlook 2016 over Exchange Server with my employer. I keep very meticulous notes in the contact record notes box. In addition, I have a custom contact form I use with several user defined fields. What is the best way to backup all my data on regular basis so that it also...