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    Outlook 2016 and

    I finally got Microsoft support to get my calendar and contacts to sync with my iphone and outlook 2016. It was a 3 hour process and I still do not think it is correct. I have an alias for my email at The syncing is through that crazy outlook email address. It also...
  2. J with outlook 2016

    I have read the instructions again and watched the youtube instructions. I do not have a choice to connect to in my mail setup. I have POP/IMAP, Active Sync and office 365. If I use office 365, it creates a imap account for my comcast email. I can set up active sync, but there are no...
  3. J with outlook 2016

    I have scored the internet for a solution to connecting my alias email to outlook 2016, there is nothing current that I can find. I have outlook 2016 and a email address. The has the email set up as an alias. I am using windows 10. This was set...
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    Office 365 and Outlook connection issues

    Not sure about the move. I did not get any notification. How could I find out? John
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    Office 365 and Outlook connection issues

    I have searched and searched for a solution to this problem. I have office 365 running on windows 10 and have a email account. Outlook has been working fine until a couple of days ago, when I kept getting connection errors for the server. The purpose of connecting is...