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    Cannot Connect to BCM database

    I've tried everything. I've been using BCM since 2007 so I'm familiar with a variety of technical issues, but I'm really stuck now. I haven't been able to successfully share the database for 2 months now. I've even reinstalled windows 10 on all machines several times with no luck. Win 10 Pro...
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    Cannot Connect to BCM database

    Same thing happened with us after an update about 2 weeks ago.
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    Outlook 2016 Sept 2016 Updates

    These updates broke the ability to share my database. Everything was working great until I took these updates yesterday.
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    Office 365 Click to run

    After extensive time and testing I can say with certainty that installing and using Office 365 Click to run (which is how all will install unless you use an enterprise edition or buy a stand alone downloaded copy) *doesn’t work properly*. There's a lot of talk about how it should work, but it...
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    Customize Comments / Notes Section time stamp on Contact Records

    Does anyone know if it's possible to customize the comments / notes section on the contact cards? Specifically, I'm looking to simply remove the timestamp button so that hopefully the notes section can expand. Or is it possible to customize the width? I know it can be set to narrow and wide, and...
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    Modifying BCM Database using Access

    This issue is killing me! How do I gain access to the database via Access so that I can modify contact records in Access? I've figured out how to make a connection and view various fields/views, but when I attempt to make a change I keep getting a box that says "Write Conflict - This record has...
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    Accessing BCM with Excel / Running Reports

    Is it possible to make and maintain a connection to the BCM database via Excel? Not looking to export, but rather edit/modify records while in Excel.
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    Bulk Edit contact notes

    Is there an easy way to bulk edit contact notes? I have thousands of records that were created with really long strings of data with tons of blank lines. On a word doc, it's about 8-9 pages, but after removing the blank lines it's 1-2 pages. Any ideas of how to remove all of the blank lines...
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    receive error when create new business contact

    Every time I create a new item in BCM. Doesn't do it in Outlook items; just BCM.
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    Notes / Comments in Contact - Text is there but not indexed or searchable

    Anyone else have this problem? I've been using BCM for about 6 years now beginning with 2007 and now 2010. Very strange. I have about 20,000 records and several thousand have notes in the comments section, but they are not searchable. It's almost as if the database doesn't know the notes are...
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    receive error when create new business contact

    It started happening after the last update several months ago. Very annoying. Would love to know if someone has found a solution to this.