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Anyone else have this problem? I've been using BCM for about 6 years now beginning with 2007 and now 2010. Very strange. I have about 20,000 records and several thousand have notes in the comments section, but they are not searchable. It's almost as if the database doesn't know the notes are there. But if I simply cut and paste the notes they are recognized and become searchable. Also, when in "Business Records - Business Contacts" folder, viewing a list of the contacts with the "Notes" column, the text isn't displayed in the affected records; the notes column is empty. But opening the record, cut and paste the notes, and they are now showing in the Notes column. Have been dealing with this for at least 4-5 years, after multiple db restores on several machines. I've even tried exporting and importing into a fresh, new database. No luck. Anyone else?
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