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I attend a lot of meetings and I have started using OneNotes Meeting Details feature. The problem is that I am not the meeting Organizer and when I add the Agenda to the Meeting Notes - no one else can see the changes. It works great for me but its a pointless step if I cannot share the info with the other attendees. Is there a way that this can be done?

We may need to change the way we are doing things then. At the moment we have a dozen or so meetings that the Executive Assistant organizes on behalf of the President. The meeting Agenda is put together in a PDF by each of the sites. As it stands that means that the Executive Admin would need to update the Agenda every time there is a change - this is something that would be much better if any of us could do rather than sending the changes / updates and then waiting for someone in an office far far away to do the update.

An elegant alternative would be that we could simply update a OneNote that anyone could grab and pull into their individual OneNotes - that would also solve the problem I guess. It would also solve the problem that the iPad users do not have the Meetin Info button in OneNote and need to go to a PC open the Meeting Info in the desktop OneNote - then wait for it to sync so they can see it on the iPad - THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY ...sorry - lost it a little bit there.

I know that this is an Outlook board but this is an Outlook / OneNote Meeting issue - any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
/Chris Coffee
If the EA creates the shared onenote link in the invite, any attendee should be able to update the agenda.
We don't create a link - we actually embed a print out of the PDF in the notes. This is the only way we have found that will distribute the agenda to each of the meeting participants without collaborating on the notes we take on the agenda.

We need to be able to distribute the Meeting Agenda / Status Report to each participant in a way that they can pull up the information on their own OneNotes (PC & iPads). If we create a OneNote with the agenda in it and send the link (or embed the link) then everyone pulls up that OneNote and when someone writes a note on it everyone sees the comment!

By embedding the printout in the Appointment each person invited can pull the report into their OneNotes and make all the comments and markups they want in their own OneNotes. The problem is that only the Organizer can make changes to the Agenda unless someone has any advice.
/Chris Coffee
Ah. I thought from this that you wanted to share the notes with everyone?
when I add the Agenda to the Meeting Notes - no one else can see the changes. It works great for me but its a pointless step if I cannot share the info with the other attendees

One thing you don't want to do is put your notes in the meeting body - those are erased if the organizer updates the meeting.
Ok...although that is sort of working well with the exception that no-one except the organizer can make changes. Ideally, we could have anyone able to make changes and the latest changes that were made would be the version that we would all grab when the meeting started - the latest up to the min version that we were meeting about. Then we could all grab our copy and make our own notes on. We run meetings with the following process:

  1. In the time leading up to the meeting, we are all working priorities or "To-Do's". These will change the status of items that we are tracking and have the meeting about. Before the meeting, we update these and a meeting report is created
  2. The night before the meeting a meeting report is generated which is made up of a number of documents:
    1. Meeting Status Items / Meeting Agenda / Meeting Report
    2. Last Weeks To-Do log
    3. Change Order Log
    4. RFI Log
    5. Schedule / Gannt Chart
    6. Issue List
  3. When we start the meeting and it would be best if we were able to easily grab the most up to date versions. In the paper world, the Project Assistant may print the revised Change Order Log and swap out that page for the 10 people attending but the above material can be as much as 50 pages
  4. We run through the docs above providing a quick status and progress report. Any item that needs discussion is dropped onto the Issue List for discussion
  5. When we get to the Issue List we prioritize the items and discuss them in order until we run out of time. A new To-Do list is created and we head off to our next meeting (rinse and repeat)
We make our own notes on the meeting paperwork and we share the To-Do and Issue list. We have started using OneNote as a means to reduce paper and to give us better access to all the information that we are carrying around. I have not found a way to be able to create a OneNote package for distribution to the team until the Meeting Info button - this works great except for two major drawbacks; 1. Only the Organizer can make changes and in our current process that means a single Executive Admin has to do it for the entire company (fixable with a process change but...), and 2. As great as the Meetin Info button is - it doesn't exist in the Metro version of OneNote and therefore it's not on the iPad which we all have.
the exception that no-one except the organizer can make changes
this is in a shared notebook? The people it's shared with need to have edit permission on the notebook.
No that is the point - we do NOT want to share a notebook - that would be easy. We need a way to distribute the info for team members to add to their notebooks so that everyone can make notes that no one else can see. This works well by adding the PDF print out to the Notes in the Meeting Occurrence and using the Meeting Info button in OneNote....Please see the details above.
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