Outlook 2010 Problem with OutLook 2010 32 bit, after Windows Auto Update

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
In W10: I'm using: MS Pro Plus 2010
And the following problem with Outlook, occurred after an Automatic Windows Update.

After opening Outlook, if you click on an email-title,
(in the top-right section that list all the emails that you've received)
and then delete it, then it usually deletes OK, but then...

...3 Popups Appear...
1: File Download: Getting File Info / Estimated time left, etc (with a stationary barometer)
2: File Download: Do you want to save this file
Name: {11DBF7CA-43D5-47DD-8435-705E9E34E164}.html
(NB: this file name changes each time)
Type: FireFox HTML Document 6.40 KB
From: C:\Users\ted\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windo...
3: The required file MSHTML.dll cannot be found in your path. Install Microsoft Outlook again

Closing Popup 2: Closes popup 1
and may let you continue deleting other emails, but the same popups will keep appearing, and at some point, it wont display the contents of an email in the bottom-right-window

Closing Popup 3:
Closes Outlook, but it may (or may not) automatically re-load.
Either way, the problem occurs each time you open Outlook.

Q: So is the only solution to re-install Outlook ?
If so:
Do I need to remove Outlook first ?
And can I remove just Outlook, without having to remove MS Pro Plus 2010 ?
And will removing & re-installing Outlook, remove any of my 3-email-accounts, setup preference, address-book, saved emails, etc, etc.

NB 1: Outlook is not listed in the control-panel, only: MS Pro Plus 2010
NB 2: My system clock was also an hour late, even though it's set to get the correct time from the net, but this corrected itself after a few days.

Many thanks
You can try a repair on Office. Do that from Control Panel/Programs and Features/Office/Change
You can try a repair on Office. Do that from Control Panel/Programs and Features/Office/Change

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, the [Repair] option does not display, when I select MS_Office.
Only: Organise, Uninstall, Change.
It is under Change. Try the Quick Repair first, then if no good still, then the other.
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