Problem with Outlook 2016 new mail tray icon alert (envelope in the systems tray)

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James Renshaw

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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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I use Outlook 2016 with my Gmail email address, and my calendar (which also means I get my outlook.comemail address folders), and up until recently, it worked fine.

However when changed to Exchange ActiveSync, and I had to re-add my account to Outlook, I'm now struggling to get the same functionality I had before.

The calendar works fine, and the emails still come through fine. The issue is with new mail alerts, or to be specific that's the little envelope that appears when a new email arrives in my Gmail account.

The envelope comes up as expected, when a new email arrives, and if I click on it, Outlook opens up. The issue is that it defaults to my email address, not my Gmail one. This is despite the email arriving in my Gmail account, so my account wants to be the main one for new mail alerts (even if it's not for my account).

As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating. So far I've tried setting my Gmail account as the default account, and I've tried adding the account after the Gmail one, then setting the Gmail folder as my default. Neither of these helped. It seems like the change to Exchange ActiveSync has broken the new mail envelope functionality for anything other than the ActiveSync account.

I'm hoping that someone can help me, or at least point me in the right direction. At the moment I'm using a rule to add a desktop alert for emails coming in, but that's not as good as it's more intrusive, and opens the email when clicked on, rather than outlook as a whole. Any help would be appreciated.
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