Outlook 2007 Calendar instant search problem. Windows 7

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Outlook 2007
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The Calendar Instant Search seems to work for all words/letter combinations except for any letters that start with my first or last name which then renders 200 including a warning that I should "narrow my search." Clicking on the warning yield 1798 items AND indicates that the Current View is now "All Appointments."
Other instant searches in notes, contacts, and mail seem to be working.
I suspect that the following may have some bearing on the problem:
The problem was much worse until I indexed the search catalog. I do not remember what events may have triggered the problem.
In Search Options/ Index messages there are these two data files: "Stephen Lev..." and "Personal Folders." I am using Microsoft exchange. I have read that using Microsoft Exchange establishes a file on ones PC. (my understanding of these complications is limited). I wonder if the file identified by my full name is connected to the enormous results of searching with first, last, or beginning of first or last name. And I have no idea why the file (folder") name was given my name.
But, how to restore the Calendar Instant Search to health?
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