Outlook 2007 Calendar Appointments not in Outlook Today view

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frank hunt

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Info: Outlook 2007 SP3; Windows 7.
Outlook used only for calendar and contacts and tasks NOT email
Some entries in the calendar view do not show up in the outlook today view.
Most, but not all, of them are recurring.
Sometimes if I delete one instance of a recurring appointment, it continues to show up in Outlook today but not in calendar view.
Cannot rely on Outlook Today. I can barely rely on the calendar view.
Have run it 3 times and it is saying there are no errors now but I still can't see any appointments in my calendar.
You only have one calendar in Outlook? Only the events on the default calendar will show in Outlook today.

In the calendar module: if events don't show, reset the view on the folder. View menu > browse the sub menus for "change view" command - reset it on the Change view dialog.
I can't find the change view. This is what I'm looking at:
Sorry about that - too many Outlook versions, too many changes to the menus... try Customize Current View.
I've just done that and it didn't make any difference. The thing is 2 days ago everything was fine. It was all showing as it should. Then I deleted what I thought was a duplicate appointment. I seem to remember a window coming up saying something about permissions but I've never had a problem so I think I just clicked okay. It shouldn't have changed my calendar! I know the appointments are still there because I can see them on my iPhone and here:


This is when I change the view from Current View > Days/Weeks/Months to All Appointments. So they're still there - just not showing.
If they are in the list view, there is something wrong with the other view. Can you see them in any of the other views?
I can only see items in these views: All Appointments; Active Appointments; By Category and Outlook Data Files. I can also log into my calendar in iCloud and see the same appointments there.
no, not really. Those are all list views - that indicates a view is corrupt or a filter is applied in other views. it could also mean the recurring events have errors.
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