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My last name is X, doctor's last name is X. Looking for past appointments in the calendar for X yields all entries in calendar including entries that do not contain X in them. I suspect this is because my calendar name contains X? Or maybe not.

Is there some search function that can be changed to eliminate these unwanted results?

Amnesia! Just saw an earlier post from Jan 2019. It seems that most of the time I am not looking for words/letters that trigger a total listing of all items in calendar just every 10-11 months! Someone with more authority should just tell me to get over it.

You name would be in the organizer field so it will find all messages if you use an all fields search - which is what you are doing if you type in keywords without including the property/field name. You need to use subject:X or contents:X
OK, a little progress. I can now find what I was looking for - with your " subject:* " etc suggestions. Is there somewhere can I find instructions about using search (and other Outlook features)? Could save me (and you) a lot of time!

Outlook can do a lot of amazing things but the complexity and difficulty finding 'how-to' can frustrate the utility of these 'amazing things.'

Always amazed that someone like you is out there to rescue us. Thank you!
basics on search tips is here - Outlook Instant Search Queries - you should also have the ability to add fields so you don't ned to know all of the codes. try clicking More button when you click in Search field (and i will boot and office 2007 computer so i can refresh my memory on how to bring it up in that version).
click the little arrows on the right of the search field and you don't need to know the field names. Click Add criteria to see more fields.
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