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Moved Outlook to a new PC. Works very well except for the calendar. Hope I can explain it properly.
On the old PC, when the weekly calendar was displayed, I had two colors - one for work hours with a white background and one for off hours with a gray? background. On the new PC, all 24 hours of every day are white. Even worse is the separation between days. On the old PC I had a clear line between the days. On the new PC, no lines. There are lines bracketing the CURRENT day, but none between the other days.
Tools>Options>Preferences>Calendar Options. The Default Color list is empty.
How do I get the calendar colors to work? How do I populate the Default Color dropdown?
This is with Outlook 2007? The default color button should have something like 9 colors. Have you tried using Repair? (Control panel, Programs and Features - select the office installation then click Change)
did that. Still empty. I'm also interested in the lack of separation between days. On the old PC, in Week view, I had a clear gray? line between every day. On the new PC, no lines. There are lines bracketing the CURRENT day, but none between the other days.
What next?
This is what you should see in Outlook 2007 (the line is a darker shade of the calendar color). What OS and computer brand is it? I wonder if the video card driver is the problem...


Newer versions of outlook have less pronounced gray lines and lighter gray shading for nights and weekends.
Lenovo M79
Windows 8.1
FWIW, the lines between days (not on each side of the current day) are apparently white. I can see color gaps on the horizontal lines (separating hours) where the day separator lines should be. Hope that's clear. Colors on all other apps appear right. I would suspect a bad video card would affect more than one app, no?
Because outlook is video intensive (lots of screen redraws) and is used the most, problems often show up there first. It's not necessarily a bad card, just a problem with the driver.

Outlook can be a little buggier in the newer OS's but i haven't seen anyone complain about this problem yet.

Did you try running outlook as an admin?

Oh, and did you run the compatibility troubleshooter and let it make changes? That is a big no-no. You need the default settings.
Don't know what a "compatibility troubleshooter" is, so I doubt I ran it.
Admin? How do I do that?
I'll check the card driver.
Well, I finally checked the video card driver . . . I think. I updated the driver on everything that looked suspiciously video-like. In every case, I got "Windows could find no newer driver" or something similar. Rebooted the PC. Colors dropdown still empty. Lines between days in week view still missing (or white, just like the background).
Compatibility mode was off.
Profile??? That reminds me. Every time I reboot and open Outlook, I get a box asking me to choose a profile. Always choose the same one. Could a different profile solve the problem? Is there a way to select a profile without reboot?
New windows user? Don't know how.
possibly a new profile could help.

Go to Control panel, find Mail. Click Show profiles. On the dialog is an option to prompt for profile. If you want to try another profile, click Add and create it. Keep the prompt for profile setting until you test the new profile.

I'll be surprised if a new profile fixes it, but its a fairly painless test. If you have multiple accounts, try it with one. I'd also use a new pst in the new profile - it's remotely possible the problem is in the pst. But i really think it might be the windows profile - it's a PITA to change windows profiles though.
This is one of the few times when I think Outlook 2013 will probably fix it.

I'd try a new windows profile to see if it works there - if so, something is goofy with the windows profile.
On a related topic, I have a Microsoft Outlook 2010 disk. No Activation code. Any way to get the code for it?
No, not through official channels. You might be able to get a key from online vendors but there is a chance it won't be a legitimate key.

If you previously installed office 2010 on a computer and still have access to it, there are keyfinder utilities (i use magical jelly bean) they will grab it from the registry.
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