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Hello all, I'm new to the forum but see this as a tremendous asset/resource. I have MS Office 2007 Home and Business edition and am trying to share my calendar with a few contractors. What I want is to be able to publish my calendar to, invite specific users to see and accept it, then allow them to make changes to that calendar from their end and have it update on my outlook calendar. Where I am running into a roadblock is that my "Calendar Permissions" buttons are grayed out. I can't figure out how to give someone permission to make changes to my calendar...any suggestions? Thanks!
These are the calendar permission buttons online or in Outlook? In Outlook. I see the buttons, but they are grayed out. I am not using an Exchange server, this is just from my personal computer that I use for my business and their personal computers used for business purposes.
That is on the Outlook connector menu? You need to share the calendar online at Hotmail (or then the Share button will be enabled - it's a shortcut to the share setting in Hotmail.
I published the calendar to and invited 2 others to access it. They were able to access it and have it resident in their Outlook, but I still cannot grant them permission to make changes to my calendar.
They can't edit it in Outlook when they open it as an ics. If they have the correct permissions in the account online, they can edit it online.
Diane, thank you so much for your help and suggestions, they are truly appreciated. I feel however that I may need to re-phrase my original question. I have a small company that has 4 employees including myself. We each have a PC/laptop with an individual license of Outlook, 3 machines with 2010 and one with 2007; we do not have an Exchange server. What we are trying to accomplish is to allow our office manager to schedule appointments for the other 3 employees and have those appointments sync individually to the other machines. The calendars need to be separate for each employee, except for the office manager who will have access to the other three calendars on her machine. Can we accomplish this without an Exchange server? If not, are there third party apps that you know of that can help with this? Thanks in advance for your help.
We do have Live ID's, and can publish our calendars, but the option to allow others access to amend/change the calendars is grayed out. Could that be because we are using MS Office Home and Business edition? I believe the steps to share our calendars are such: get to Calendar screen on Outlook; in the left hand column, under "Calendar," click "Publish My Calendar"; in the popup box, I can select the time frame but the option for "Whole Calendar" is grayed out. I also choose to show full detail here; then I click "OK" to publish it. From there I can invite users to see the calendar. They receive an email, click the hyperlink and download the calendar to their machine. But now the calendar they downloaded is "Read Only" and I want/need it to have full permissions for changing/amending, then to have those changes sync'd back to the original calendar. I hope that I am just doing something incorrectly and can accomplish this through Outlook, or that it can be done via 3rd party app.
I don't think the version has any thing to do with it. That menu has nothing to do with the Publish option - published calendars are always read only.

you can't publish a default calendar in it entirety. It should update automatically as time passes, so its always up to date.

you really need to use a 3rd party app to properly share a calendar.
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