How can I change my calendar view back

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I somehow screwed up my Calendar view when Outlook opens.
1. Two months show on the left bar & I don't want them (see image). I do want to keep the scrolling column on the left that starts with Calendar, tasks, etc.
2. On the right side, I had today's tasks listed (I think it was called "Peek". It's gone & I don't know how to get it back.
3. There's some kind of toolbar just above the calendar that I want to get rid of.

I am totally lost. Please advise.
Thank you in advance,
I want to get rid of the March April views & keep the tasks, contacts, notes, etc.
Outlook view changed.PNG

The image below is the bar I don't want to see:
Outlook Bar.PNG
1. See the bar under the April calendar, above the tasks folder? Slide it up to remove one calendar. I don't think you can remove both... you only see them in this view because a calendar folder is selected.

2. It look like you are using Words for the modules, not icons - so hover the mouse over the word Calendar above the status bar and click the dock button in the upper right of the calendar that pops up. Or... go to View menu > To-Do bar button and add a check next to the Calendar, tasks, and contacts (if you want to see all 3).

3. That is the quick access toolbar - it got moved under the ribbon. On the far right is a little triangle that expands a menu. click it and choose Show above ribbon.
Thank you for your quick reply. I got everything back to normal:). Only one problem though, 1) when I move the bar on the right to get rid of the April calendar, it comes back every time I close Outlook & reopen it.
i was also looking for this since long time thank you for your help
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