Scheduling a Meeting Resource (Room) with a conflict doesn't indicate any conflict on users calendar in Outlook 2007

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to set up a conference room scheduling calendar in Exchange 2007 (I am using Outlook 2007 as the client). I was able to get the resource mailbox working pretty easily, and when users request the room they reservations are showing up on the calendar for the resource mailbox correctly.

The issue I am running into is when a user attempts to book the room for a time that conflicts with another reservation. The user immediately receives an email from resource stating that their request was declined due to a conflict. However, there is absolutely no indication on that users calendar that their meeting has a conflict. Opening up the appointment on the users calendar, shows that "No responses have been received for this meeting.", and the Tracking page shows the same with "None" under response for the resource.

Obviously, the email SHOULD be enough of an indication to the user that the time they requested is not available, but it seems that the users calendar should also reflect that there was a conflict, rather than saying there was no response. If there is NOT a conflict, then the Tracking page correctly indicates that the resource has accepted the meeting.

Am I misunderstanding how this feature should work? or am I missing something here?




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Exchange Server 2010
I am having the same exact problem with outlook 2010, but others in my company do not. Does anyone have a solution. I have checked all the options and settings.
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