Would like bigger meeting notifications.

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So I've recently been blessed by the powers-that-be at work who gave me a very nice, wide monitor. Like, really wide. However, one drawback is that my focus is now center-screen, and often times the only notification that I have a meeting is a blinking orange icon in the far left of the taskbar. Which I usually see 10 minutes after my meeting has started. I do get notification windows 15 minutes before the meeting, but when I snooze them, they don't seem to re-appear. Or maybe they do, but because I change windows so often (and they are now off to a far side of this monitor) they just get buried. Is there any way to force a more prominent notification?
I have the same problem - not sure if it helps or hurts that I'm lucky enough to have outlook on its own 24" monitor off to the side - i can always see the calendar in the to-do but have to remember to look at it. I have windows 10 and added my Exchange account to windows mail (turned off mail sync) and get a nice reminder in the lower right of my larger main monitor. It stays on top until dismissed. This won't help you if you don't use exchange or gmail though. screenshot here: Better Outlook Reminders?

I also moved the windows toolbar to the top of my screen - i might be my imagination, but i think the flashing button is easier to see - especially if outlook is pinned in the center of the toolbar (and i didn't move the window to outlook;s monitor)

another option is doing something when a reminder fires - for important stuff, you could use a category and only do something for items in that category. You can send an email, run a program, or popup a message box.
Send an Email When a Reminder Fires
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am setting up the Windows-Mail based reminders now.
I really like the windows mail reminders. They are definitely what outlook's reminders should be. :)
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