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I am using Outlook 2016 (Office 365) and would be grateful if anyone could help resolve an intensely annoying problem that appears to have arisen as result of a recent Microsoft update.

Every time the Account Settings dialog is opened and closed by clicking “Finish” (whether a change has been made to the settings or not) a new browser window now pops up to promote Microsoft’s Outlook Phone app.

“Get Outlook on your phone for free”
“Enter your phone number and we'll send a download link”

The link that opens is:


As I frequently open the dialog to change the email address I am using on one of my accounts it is frustrating, to say the least, to have the focus switched to their advert in a new browser window that then has to be closed.

I would therefore be most grateful for any and all suggestions as to how the pop up can be stopped.

It seems extraordinary after all the bad publicity that Microsoft have had over the handling of their Windows updates that they should now think that this is a good way of endearing themselves to their customers.
Yeah, it's annoying. :) Some builds have a checkbox to not setup mobile devices, but AFAIK, there is not a reg key to disable this completely - yet. I believe they will be adding it or only asking once - i no longer get that on one computer, but still have it on an earlier build.

If you have an insider build, go to file, support, contact support and ask how to disable it. I did this when the "feature" first showed up without a way to kill it.
(I'm not sure if everyone on insider has this, only users with office 365 business accounts, or if random users have the option.)

BTW, i have it in Professional Plus on the current channel, version 1703 / build 7967.2139.
My computer that no longer has it has ProPlus on insider fast, version 1705, build 8117.1000.
Thanks Diane - I was begining to think that I was the only one affected by this.

Sadly, I don't have an insider build or I would report it.

My version is 1703 (Build 7967.2161 Click-to-run)

In the meantime I have had a long session with Office 365 support technician who confirmed that he too had encountered the problem at home. He has now submitted a report to the developers and has promised to let me know the outcome. And I have also posted a request for help on the Microsoft Community forum.

So we will see what, if anything, happens.
Btw, my colleagues and I are discussing this with Microsoft. I'm hoping we can convince them it's a bad idea. At the very least they need a never ask again option.

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Btw, my colleagues and I are discussing this with Microsoft. I'm hoping we can convince them it's a bad idea. At the very least they need a never ask again option.

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Thank you so much for following this up.

However, the good news is that the latest build 8067.2115 seems to have rectified the problem. So far not a single pop up.

I am not sure whether the fix was the result of your endeavours or my efforts with Office 365 support and the Microsoft Community. Or perhaps the person who wrote the code got fed up with dealing with constant pop ups and decided to remove it.

What is more baffling is how something like this ever gets included in an update? I, perhaps foolishly, imagined that there would be some sort of review process that would carefully vet and test each update before it was released. Instead it rather looks as though someone from the marketing department can just wander along and ask one of the developers to include an advert for something they want to push that month. One has to wonder what other and perhaps more damaging things could get included without any oversight.

Anyway thanks again for all your help.
Or perhaps the person who wrote the code got fed up with dealing with constant pop ups and decided to remove it.
Doubtful. :) I know some large organizations complained... so it may be removed from the E suites but is unlikely to disappear from the consumer suites. It's my understanding that they will release a reg key/gpo for corporate use (to prevent it from coming up) but will not remove the "feature"... but this could change in the future. I hope they remove it.
The version I have is Home Premium (build 8067.2115) so perhaps miracles happen.
Yeah, it's miracle. :)
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