Adding contacts on Android phone and then syncing them to Outlook

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Hello everyone,

I have noticed a strange thing which gets in the way of adding contacts to my address book.

When I add a contact on Android phone I enter the email address in the email address field and choose that this is a “work” email address.


Android phone syncs contacts to my address book. In a few minutes I see the new contact in both and in MS Outlook 2010 address book. However what I see in both Outlooks is quite different from what I entered on the phone. In MS Outlook Contacts I see that the field which has to hold the email address also has the name of the contact in double quotes and the email address has the <> symbols prepended and appended. I did not enter any of these symbols. also shows this email address as “Personal” despite I set it as “Work”.



Now, if I need to send an email to this contact from Outlook and I pick up the email address details from the address book the message does not send and gets stuck in the Outbox because the mail server does not understand "Bill Clinton" <> because it should be just the email address without any additional characters. So, for me to make this record in the address book work I have to edit it manually.


Do you know of any fix or workaround for this problem?
The brackets shouldn't affect the address - the name <address> format should be understood by all mail servers. Outlook desktop doesn't understand home and work addresses - its just an address. However, there is a problem based on the display name field - only the address should be inside the () and there should only be () or <>, not both.

You are using the default android contact app? I'll repro it and report it.
Yes, if I had just brackets, it would have worked because mail server is supposed to ignore these characters. But I get Name + Last Name + some spaces in the email address field.

I use stock Android contact manager, however since my phone is Samsung Note 3 I am not sure how much "stock" it is in view of Samsung's notorious penchant to modify the standard Android stuff.
Has a resolution been found for this issue?

I have also found that the problem exists with email address formats in when saved from stock Android (Kit Kat 4.4) contact manager.

When in the People section of and with a specific contact selected, there are no issues sending an email by clicking on the persons email address. (See the following screenshot.)


However, when in Compose mode in, there is an error after entering the recipient and trying to send the email. (See the following screenshots. Note: these are not issues when sending an email from with the People section.)

(Screenshot after manually entering the persons name from list of recipients in


(Screenshot after clicking send button.)


The only work around is manual removal of the contact name and greater than and less than marks from either side of the email address in the email field, as seen in the following screenshot.


Thanks for any assistance on this issue.
No, I gave up on this. Even if I add a new contact on the phone this would be just for the phone number. I add email addresses from inside MS Outlook. I very rarely use webmail. Let's see if this problem clears after we all transition to Exchange server on the back-end.
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