Issues with adding iCloud to Outlook

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On 23 Jan. 2016, I added iCloud to Outlook in order to be able to automatically synchronize my Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to my iPhone. Several issues have followed.

I am trying to understand whether these are normal issues that one needs to simply learn to live with when using iCloud on Outlook or whether they are issues that can be fixed:

i. Contacts

1) Duplicates
a) I have many duplicate Contacts.
b) When I try to delete these duplicates, they remain.

2) Contacts Renamed
a) Several of my Contacts have been renamed. For example, for one contact, the phone number has replaced the name.

ii. Calendars

1) Shortcuts that do not work:
a) Ctrl + S does not cause changes to my Calendar items to save.
b) Escape does not cause me to exit from an open Calendar item.

2) Unavailable features
a) The notes area of Calendar items is typed in a very small font that cannot be formatted.
b) Consequently, ctrl + D does not open up the Font dialogue

3) Reminder Windows
a) I usually have two reminder windows open at once: one for items that I believe were entered into the .PST file before I added iCloud to Outlook and one for items that I added to the iCloud calendar after I added iCloud to Outlook.
b) The former works normally as it always did, but the latter, though it looks like the normal .PST reminder window, does not behave in the same way.

4) Other
a) I am unable to type in the number of minutes before an appointment for reminders; I can only select this using the mouse.

iii. Instant Search

1) In the Outlook default .PST files, merely typing text into the search box launches Instant Search.

2) In the iCloud contacts, I need to press Enter in order to launch the search.

iv. Delays

1) Searching, saving and deleting items takes noticeably longer in the iCloud Calendar, Contacts and Tasks than in the Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in the .PST files.

2) In the .PST files, searching, saving and deleting items is instant; in the iCloud files, it is noticeably delayed (perhaps because it is dependent on an Internet connection?).
Duplicates: Where are they? icloud will display contacts in folders and in the main icloud contacts folder - the ones in the subfolders are not duplicates. They are categorized/grouped on the phone. The top folder gives you an overall view.

Contacts shouldn't be renamed... I'm guessing something was corrupt in the contact and it got rewritten on the sync.

Saves using Ctrl+S should work, but depending on where you are, you might be looking in the wrong folder. I'll have to check the ESC issue - it should work too. (icloud isn't installed on this computer) I'm wondering if something is messing up the shortcuts - will check on that. The issues with Notes and Ctrl+D seem to indicate a problem. I know notes formatting is goofy and limited, but it should be normal size font.

Reminder window: known issue. one is outlook's, the icloud triggers the other one.
I seem to recall setting reminders is a known issue too - will check on it. There are a lot of limitations with the apple version of the form - some come and go with each new build.

Search: correct, instant search doesn't properly search the iCloud data file so you need to press enter. It works the same on Exchange and accounts. When outlook access icloud stuff, it is using a local cache file, but yeah, it is slower since its not a native data file.
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