Outlook 2010 2 Accounts - Issues

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We are currenlty going through a mail move from internal Excange to another Exchange enviroment within the business.

The way I have been settign up Outlook, is to remove the current profile. Then create a new one, adding the new account (user@domainA) as primary.

I then add the legacy account (user@DomainB) to be able to access old mail prior to archiving and also to access shared calnedars during the transition period.

I am seeing some issues with this setup. One of which where the second account disappears, although listed in Accounts and the primary acccount is somehow renamed User@domainB even though it is indeed the new primary account. This is causing confusion to the users.

Secondly, soem users are soemtimes getting the "use temporay mailbox or old data " message. I believe this one is down to not deletign the .OST file prior to creating the new profile?

Could this be related to my first issue also?

Has anyone experienced these issues?

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