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I have setup my Gmail address in Outlook 2010. I have my Outlook view settings to be compact so when I get an email I see the email I don't see any preview. IN outlook with my old email address I could turn off preview pane. with Gmail every email that comes in Outlook 2010 has a few lines of preview under the email as seen in this screenshot, can someone tell me how to turn that Gmail preview off?
That is the option to show a 3 line preview of unread messages.

It's been a long time since I used 2010 regularly and took me a while to find where the option was hidden. :) Look in Customize view's Other settings.

There is a screenshot on this article:
That is the option to show a 3 line preview of unread messages.

It's been a long time since I used 2010 regularly and took me a while to find where the option was hidden. :) Look in Customize view's Other settings.

There is a screenshot on this article:
Thanks Diane,
I found it but won't know if it works for sure until I get another email. I have office 2013 and am so tempted to install it. Do you have anything showing how to switch from one version to another. The only program of Office I use on a regular basis is Outlook. Is Outlook 2013 worth upgrading from Office 2010?

I know I have been asking about upgrading for a few years on and off but I keep going back to "If it isn't broken, why fix it" Is there anything you can share that might put me over the edge?

Also I am still getting post notifications to an email address that I will no longer have sometime this year. I thought I changed it, I'll have to look at the reply I got and recheck it.

Thanks again
It will work. :)

On 2010 vrs 2013 - with a pop or IMAP account, there really isn't much difference - but 2013 previews all messages, not just unread. You can have both installed but can only use one outlook at a time. And each outlook will have its own profile as the profile is now under the version key, not the windows NT key. Since you have it, you could install it and try it - if you don't like it, you can go back to 2010.

with the upgrades - when you use pop or IMAP, upgrading won't necessarily give you a lot of benefit as many of the new features are for exchange accounts (including - but to get the biggest benefit from upgrading, you need to use office 365 in a workgroup.

your profile is using a cableone address. Is that the one that is going away?
Yes I currently have cableone email which I have had close to 20 years and now cableone is discontinuing email sometime this year. They told me that we will get a 60 day notice. I decided to switch everything that used cableone email to my Gmail that I have in Outlook 2010 now.

I am still getting the reply notifications from your forum at my cableone email. I can't find how to change that, could you please tell me?
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