Outlook 2021 not letting me setup my Gmail using pop


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I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and when I installed office 2021 and opened Outlook when I tried to set it up manually like I wanted to all settings were correct but it kept saying couldn't connect. So I decided to let it try to install it self and it did but it is setup as imap and I don't want that I want Pop.

I won't let me delete the data file, also with Outlook 2021 it doesn't get you the same big windows to set it up manually you get a little "Google" type window.

Since I have had my Gmail account setup and running fine since June of 2022 all my settings on Gmail are setup properly, I double checked and all is set to pop with 2FA with recovery email and phone number. I just can't seem to set up the desktop Outlook 2021 from Office 2021 as pop, now it is setup as IMAP

What can I do, I remember having the same exact issue when I bought it but I can't find the thread to read how I fixed it.

How do I get rid of IMAP on my desktop Outlook 2021 and manually configure it as pop?
I found the post that I created back in June when I had the same issue. it can be found on this thread.

Diane, Could you please delete this tread I just started, I'm sorry I couldn't find the thread I started in June but it was due to poor title on my part. I finally found it and as I said it is above. Not sure what to do except wait and hopefully someone can help me figure it out.

I pasted the original thread above and I'm having a problem solving it. I uninstalled Office 2021 and reinstalled it but Outlook still has my email address locked so I can do anything. If I try to delete the data file or .pst it won't let me if I try to make a new account with that email as POP it says "This email address has already been added" Is there anyway to release my Gmail address so I can set it up in Outlook 2021 again?? Sorry for all my confusion
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