How to Export & Import GMAIL Contacts into Outlook 2021 ?


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For the life of me I can't find proper instructions that WORK to Export GMAIL contacts to a .CSV then Import into Outlook 2021 ...

Are there any instructions available that WORK ? I am able to export fine (I think - I get a .CSV file).. However when I do a FILE / IMPORT and point to the created file , choosing "Another program or File", point to the .CSV created & targeting "Contacts (My Computer)", I get an error popup -

"Outlook unable to retrieve Data .." . blah blah blah ...

Open the CSV in notepad - does it look good? Some exports will have weird characters before the first letter in the file - delete them and save. Is the file type UTF-8? Look on the right side of the status bar - if needs to be just urf-8, not BOM.

When importing - on the last page before clicking Finish, check the field mapping. Are the fields matched correctly? Click the button to reset the matching.
The CSV file looks "fine" .. I don't know what you mean by file type UTF-8 vs URF-8 ... I don't see that anywhere in the file. When I import, I never receive a place to check FIELD MAPPING. It just error's out immediately after selecting my CSV file. TIA
Open the file in notepad - what is in the lower right - (this screenshot is not from a CSV).

Select Map custom fields in this dialog -

and check the fields on the right to see if they are matched. In this case, you can see the title field has the weird chatacters in it, so it did not map (on the right).
UTF-8 is in the bottom right of Notepad.

I have no option to "Map Custom Fields"
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