Opening/Archiving/Import/Export PST files

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Outlook version
Email Account
Exchange Server 2013

Within Outlook it is possible to open/archive/import and export a PST file by doing the following three actions:

(1) File/Archive
(2) Tools/options/Other/AutoArchive
(3) File/Import and Export (.PST)

Does anybody know if there exist any OTHER mothods....
(a) within Outlook
(b) outside Outlook (non Outlook Tools or any add-on Tools that can manipulate Outlook .pst files) ?

Many thanks in advance
not sure what your question is. The Outlook object modell doesn't support to archive, import or export by code. You'd need to code all the logic yourself.

Thanks for responding.
Sorry (it is a bit unclear!)
Apart from these 3 methods:
(1) File/Archive
(2) Tools/options/Other/AutoArchive
(3) File/Import and Export (.PST)

Is there any other methods for manipulating archiving and PST files within Outlook?

For example; for the 1st step It is possible to manually archive using File, then selecting the Archive tab and then initiaing a manual archive

I was wondering is there another way of doing a manual archive within Outlook? or is that the only way?

(hope that is clearer?)
You can do it manually, exactly. There's no function in Outlook that you could call by code to do what you want.

If you are familar with the Win32 API, you could probably simulate all the necessary clicks by sending Windows messages. This example uses that technique, it has nothing to do with what you want, it's just to demo how much work that would be. It's for sure nothing for beginners.

Some would suggest to use SendKeys. That technique could work as long as you just have to press buttons. I don't recommend using it as you never really know where the command is being sent to.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish especially given that you're looking for multiple ways to do the same thing within Outlook OR using external tools for the purposes of "manipulating" PST files? What do you mean by "manipulating"?
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